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About CorrectiveSolutions

In the last three decades, CorrectiveSolutions has become the premier provider of offender management programs for law enforcement currently serving over 90 prosecutors, courts, probation, and sheriff's departments.  Our staff of over 100+ professionals includes a management team that has on average 20+ years of experience serving the criminal justice system.  

We currently deliver a range of offender programs administration services including:

  • Full case-management for home confinement and jail alternatives

  • Electronic monitoring program support services:  equipment installation, removal, maintenance, and inventory management

  • Pre-trial release monitoring

  • Turn-key diversion program administration

  • Evidence-based classes and group sessions

  • Urinalysis and oral swab drug testing services

We are headquartered in Orange County, California and have nine additional branch offices as well as employees staffed in courts and law enforcement agencies nationwide.


CorrectiveSolutions is working with law enforcement agencies around the country to provide administration of offender programs. In addition to providing the administration of the OC SEC program, we are also providing drug testing services in Orange County.

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